We are here for you, We are here with you

Your experience, care and safety remains our priority because you matter to our maternity services

You may have had to change your birth plan or maybe you have noticed other changes BUT it is because we care;

We want you, your baby and family to be safe & well.

We also care for our staff and their families and we want them to be safe & well.

Please follow the link below for important information from Public Health England regarding the COVID-19 vaccine:


The BBC Asian Network is helping the South Asian community to understand what the science says about COVID vaccines for women trying for a baby, pregnant or breastfeeding in five languages: Gujarati, Punjabi, Sylheti, Tamil and Urdu.  Doctors have answered some commonly asked questions about pregnancy and the Covid vaccine.  Their advice can be found here

For further information on visiting restrictions across the North East and North Cumbria please download the document below:


You may have noticed maternity staff look different with their masks but look past this, the person behind the mask is still a caring person wanting to help you


Coronavirus update: Should I take Vitamin D supplementation?

All pregnant women are to consider taking 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day to keep your bones and muscles healthy.

Vitamin D supplements are available from most pharmacies, supermarkets and other retailers.

Vitamin D in some foods, including: oily fish, eggs and red meat.

Vitamin D is added to some breakfast cereals, fat spreads and non-dairy milk alternatives. The amounts might only be small.

If you have dark skin or always cover your skin You may be at particular risk of not having enough vitamin D. You may need to consider taking a daily supplement of vitamin D all year. Talk to a midwife or doctor if this applies to you.


Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19), a new illness that affects your lungs and airways

Coronavirus and pregnancy

Although the risks are very low, you may be concerned that your baby could get coronavirus. This leaflet tells you what to look out for. Do not delay seeking help if you have concerns.

Coronavirus: Parent information for newborn babies
Translated versions of this leaflet are available here

Illness in newborn babies
Translated versions of this leaflet are available here

RCPCH: Advice if your child becomes unwell

RCOG Infant feeding support 

During the coronavirus pandemic, your birth experience still matters. You should be supported to have a safe and positive birth experience, whether you have coronavirus or not. Advice from the NHS includes

  • Looking after yourself.
  • What to expect when you are pregnant and in labour.
  • Birth partner advice.
  • Signs and symptoms of coronavirus.

NHS information – pregnancy and coronavirus

NHS leaflet – help you look after yourself and your baby
Translated versions of this leaflet are available here

Kicks Count – Your baby’s movements are a sign they are well

NHS leaflet – Planning your birth
Translated versions of this leaflet are available here

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important if you need to stay at home or you are shielding because of coronavirus

Support from every mind matters

Support from Mind

Limiting social contact, not going to work and self-isolating at home can have implications if you are experiencing economic abuse. You may be worried about your physical safety and your economic situation.

If you are suffering from Domestic abuse, support is available                            

NHS translated information leaflets

iHV are putting together links and resources from trusted organisations and websites to support the health and wellbeing of all families throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.    


Face covering exemption card