Regional Aim: To increase vaccination uptake in pregnancy to 90% uptake by 2020 and to 95% uptake by 2025.


Foundation Training:

National and Regional PHE training guidance recommends comprehensive initial foundation training for those administering immunisations. This is recommended to be the equivalent of two days face-to-face training or 10 hours e-learning to achieve all the required learning outcomes for those who administer the full immunisation schedule. For those who only administer specific vaccines in their role (ie maternity services administering the annual flu vaccine and pertussis vaccines), training should be tailored to their needs and can be shorter in duration. PHE do emphasise that all those involved in administering vaccines needs to have a working knowledge of the routine schedule. Further information provided in the links below.

The LMS recommends a half day face-to-face foundation training for all those new to immunisations.

Annual Update Training:

PHE advises that update training for those delivering the routine national immunisation schedule needs to be a minimum of half a day. However, like the foundation training, this can be shortened for those administering specific vaccines only.

The LMS recommends an annual e-learning update, available on e-learning for health and ESR. This should include the following:

  1. “Flu Immunisation (FLU)”
    • part 1 (Core Knowledge)
    • part 2 (Inactivated Flu Vaccine)
  2. “Immunisations (IMM)”
    • Vaccine Preventable Diseases – Pertussis only

This will produce three certificates following self-assessments and should take approximately 1 hour to complete. They should be completed together.

For any queries in relation to training, please contact [email protected]

Useful documents

National PHE Maternity training guidance can be downloaded here.

Regional PHE Maternity training guidance can be downloaded here.

National Campaign – National flu in pregnancy campaign poster (2018) can be downloaded here.